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A comprehensive experience awaits you in each video magazine.

40 min documentary video
The different Video Magazines will keep you fascinated for hours. Each feature-length documentary brings all the power, drama and fascination of military hardware, weapons systems and the history of warfare to you in a way you've never seen before!

Superb photographs
The Weapons of War Video magazines are packed with superb technical drawings, rare archive photography, clear explanatory diagrams and the finest images available that bring the world of military hardware and history vividly to life!

360 degree animations
Now you can explore the fascinating military hardware up close in our 360 degree animations! Get amazed by the details and learn more about the world’s essential military weapons. The video magazine is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

As the Second World War began to draw to a close, the scientists and designers of Hitler's Germany were employed in a frantic race to create new ideas. As part of Hitler’s last desperate attempts to turn the tide of the conflict and ensure a German victory, the scientists and engineers under his command helped hatch ideas of arms that will wow even the most diehard war aficionado. They developed some of the most sophisticated and advanced weaponry of the age.

These were the so-called Wunderwaffen or The Wonder Weapons. From missiles and enormous tanks, to the biggest gun ever built and the prototype of a plane capable of launching a suicide bombing raid on the skyscrapers of New York. With the researches and tests, these engineers helped the technology of war advance generations in little more than a decade!

Want to experience these WW2 German Secret Weapons that the Nazi army was discreetly developing? Explore the development of increasingly sophisticated rocket and warplane programs, which were Germany's last chance to turn the tide against the Allies. Watch the secret testing of jet fighters and strategic missiles, and see the devastating effects of the V-series of weapons in the final years of the conflict. Using archive footage, reconstructions and interviews with experts, this fascinating show explores some of the many plans for outlandish and fantastic designs the Nazis hoped would win the war.

Could these weapons really have helped Hitler to triumph? What would the world be like if these plans of the Fuehrer had been successful? These documentaries will create even more baffling questions than these. Prepare to be amazed with the Weapons of War Magazine-Hitler’s Secret Weapons.


The documentary style video is divided in easy consumable 2 - 4 min parts and is supported with facts, figures and unique photographs. It's like watching discovery channel on your TV and having the encyclopedia in your hand!

Follow the development of submarines as the original stealth machines, silent, secret and deadly. Witness the awesome power of attack helicopters on the battle field. See how “fourth generation fighters” have evolved into superbly agile, multi-role machines …


Facts and figures
Did you know that the Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine does 18 kts surfaced and 33 kts submerged and can dive to a maximum of 2 460 feet? Each video magazine is packed with hardware specifications, details and facts you won’t find all in one place anywhere else!

Facebook integration
Share your fascination about the power of military history, war documentaries and military hardware with your friends. Facebook powers each page in the Video magazine and you can easily tell the community about your experiences and thoughts!

This amazing series of Video Magazines makes you the authority on the world of military hardware and history! Test your knowledge or impress your family and friends with in depth knowledge about for an example the Trident Nuclear Submarine.


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Hitler's Secret Weapons
Nazi Germany's war machine produced some of the most radical and advanced military developments in World War II (read more).

Attack Helicopters
The full potential of the helicopter as a deadly attack gunship was not fully realized until 1955 (read more).

Before any action can be sanctioned, civilian and military leaders need to know (read more).

The Weapons of War Video Magazine series


Superfighters are the world's most capable fighting aircraft. Some have multiple roles (read more).


Submarines are the hunters of the deep, the original stealth machines (read more)

BUT that is just the beginning ...
Future Video Magazines in the Weapons of War series will help you explore
the Normandy Invasion, the Gulf war Korean War, the Vietnam war, the Pacific land war and all the mighty weapons and special forces that made these battles possible!

Prepare to see the extraordinary spectacle of military history and hardware as you've never seen it before.

Get ready to experience the first Video Magazine for the iPad!